Install new system windows fast? How?

Last days I tried to download some files from torrents and I had a problem with the internet at home. My transfer stopped in the most unexpected moments. I wouldn’t be recommending Vodafone network to nobody here in Spain. The speed of the broadband is neither impressive nor constant. It has got 2 levels. I would call them ‘slow’ and ‘slower’. They say that in the city centre it works fine, but come on! I live not further than 2km away.

How to install new system windows fast if first I need to download it? Moreover I needed to download all files from my server toInstall new system Windows keep a copy on my local computer, but connection was not stable. I was desperate and asked my brother to download some things for me and put it in ‘dropbox’. Unfortunately that feature allows to transfer files of maximum size of 2GB if anyone wants more needs to pay, so I needed to manage alone, because it’s not worth to pay for a storage which is going to be used only once. I tried since Monday and finally on Thursday the internet connection started to work properly. Thanks God! Let’s see for how long.

Install new system windows. Start!

Finally having all files downloaded time to install new system Windows 8.1. Computer has got 2 disks, so the system goes to the SSD one which is small (128GB), but very fast. The other one 1T will be for other stuff. I created a bootable USB with UltraISO to install new system windows fast and easy. The next step was to install all drivers which came on an additional CD. After I added few extra programs, everything was set up and ready to play.

Next task accomplished. Now I plan to install WordPress multi-site and prepare a website for my father’s business. Keep reading and I’ll show you effects of my work.