Is close relative death a big traumatic experience?

As yesterday a very close person of mine again started to cry while thinking about one close relative death which occurred exactly 2 years away from yesterday I begun to imagine how may I feel if someone close to me will be gone. I know I may be very shallow writing things which for many probably state an obvious (some already said that I am, because I don’t understand how it is), but questions like:

  • would I feel pain inside??
  • would I cry?
  • would I avoid to talk about the topic?
  • would I be angry if someone would try to ask me about ‘the missing person’?
  • will I have nightmares and wake up sweating and shaking at night?

At this point of my life an answer to all those questions is NO.

Close relative death is unavoidable

Everyone have heard about Darwin and his theory. I hope that you’re aware that it’s still valid nowadays. Human being is just one of the many species of flora & fauna which may be found on the Earth. Nothing and noone lives forever – look at the dinosaurs! In my opinion everyone needs to be aware that his fish or cat would die one day as would do one’s mommy, daddy or close friend. That’s unavoidable! Should we be sad that someone passed away? Of course for a couple of first weeks may be hard without someone by our side, but the world is still spinning whether we want it or not. Every human being lives to be happy, so I have an advice for all those which are iClose friends by the tablen sorrow: get a grip and continue your life. You are an amazing person and there’s many cool people around you. Smile and give a good example for others. Remember your smile may change someone’s life.

I agree that close relative death may be a painful experience, because of that do the most
of today! It’s very important to appreciate what you have and who you have around you. It won’t be forever. You can start to learn from the movies. Do you know Furious 7?