First day at the gym

Hi. I promised to share with you an experience of my first day at the gym, so carry on reading if you want to know how it may look like.

first day at the gym

All stared, like it usually does, with people around me who joined the gym and exactly from people who I live with. In my case, they influenced my choice of the place I would attend to. I was told that their gym does a special offer which lasts only till the end of October. Basically the rules were very simple. Whoever joins before the end of October pays only for the month of December and attend all classes, swimming pool and other facilities of the gym from the joining day. To put it out simply one month was for free and I am happy as well that I didn’t need to sign a contract, so I decide how many months I want to stay there 🙂 Membership in my case cost ?49,90 in Granada, Spain, but of course every gym will have it’s own prices, so you shouldn’t take that number as a guide. Just find the most convenient place for yourself in your local area. That would do for you. I’ve found already a cheaper one (?20) in the same distance from the place I live. It’s smaller and probably without a swimming pool too, but I plan to change for something cheaper as I will not have so much time to work out then, but I still want to take care about my well being.

first day at the gym

First day at the gym

Actually I didn’t train on the day I signed up. I came a day after. On the first day at the gym I didn’t want to train too hard as my muscles are not prepared for a heavy work out. I decided to start from a treadmill to warm up and then surprise… One of the trainers working there approached me and told me I need a towel to keep my sweat in there. It’s not what you think! I didn’t look like a water fountain. I haven’t even get tired after an approximately 1 min jog. The boy was nice and explained me to go to his colleague at the reception called Inma and she would provide me with one. She did like he said, but just to be kind I told her it’s my first day at the gym and I won’t bother her next time. At the beginning it’s nofirst day at the gymrmal to don’t know things. I didn’t know that, although that wasn’t the first time in my life I joined the gym. I carried on my general work out, that means I was trying to use as many muscles of my body as possible, but with just a little weight. Finally I decided to focus more on my back muscles and biceps adding some shoulders exercise. Till today I feel in my body effects of that training, especially in mentioned earlier lower back muscles, so the rest time will extend till tomorrow morning.

I got to know some staff working there, I got to know machines, now I need only to be persistent 🙂

3 gym benefits you should consider

Gym as a way to happy life

Hey everyone! Have you been thinking recently about doing some physical activity? It is definitely better for you if you have. Why? Although there is many ways to be active I will focus here on joining the gym and I will give you 3 gym benefits.3 gym benefits

3 gym benefits explained

  1. Accessibility
    3 gym benefitsThe first of 3 gym benefits is its accessibility for most of the people. Nowadays there is not only one, but probably a few in your local area. You may find them by asking your friends where they work out or doing some research on the internet. Each bigger gym should have a website full of useful information where the most interesting for you should be the price of their membership plans and what’s included in each one. Ideally if you find one which suits you the most. This way you won’t be paying for extras you would never use.
  2. Classes with professional teachers
    Second benefit of a gym are people who may prepare3 gym benefits you a weekly or monthly plan of exercise. They are called personal trainers and their job is to take care about your body constant development in a safe way which will allow you to avoid injuries. This part probably sounded a little bit scary, but there’s nothing to worry about. All exercises performed well help you to avoid injuries in a long run. Personal trainers may make your membership cost a little bit more, but at the beginning it may be worth to have one. Moreover gym which has personal trainers usually offers different classes for groups too, so you won’t need to train alone. They have various names, like Zumba, Body Combat, Yoga, and they are all fun! Exercising with others will keep you motivated.
  3. Your health
    The last, but 3 gym benefitsnot least important of 3 gym benefits I would like to tell you about is your well-being. Doesn’t matter here if you are a complete beginner, someone who comes back to doing exercises after a long break or a person who trains regularly. For everyone it would have a long term health benefits. By taking care of your body it would take care about you. Moreover doing sports not only makes you forget about being tired every day and muscular pains, but as well it would have a positive impact on your mental health and good mood.

Join the gym today! Simple 3 gym benefits I explained for you above, but of course there is much more than that.

In the next post I will share with you my experience from my first day at the gym 🙂 Keep reading my blog.