Ibiza beach walk to remember

I want to share a story from my unusual Ibiza beach walk which happened to me and my friend one day. As usual we were passing by Playa den Bossa as we did almost every day during summer having our relaxing Ibiza beach walk. We didn’t expect something different may happen that day.

In the morning we spoke with our manager and he told us that in August the most unusual things happen on the island of Ibiza. He said that the most beautiful moments and experiences are made in this month, but, on the other hand, people have accidents, some die, etc. Sounded scary at first, but things happen everywhere we thought and didn’t expect nothing crazy to happen.

Ibiza beach walk like no other

That day was after the full moon. On a days like that more than a half of the sand of the beach is under 5cm cover of water. It’s nice to walk on that water, because is pleasantly hot, but it is more difficult to sit down and relax on those days. During our Ibiza beach walk we met some Russian people and had a chat with them. Couple of minutes after when we finished, my friend told me that he saw a very beautiful girl while we were with Russians, but she had got very sad eyes. I looked in her direction, however couldn’t see her face, because was walking towards the ocean. Everything seemed cool until the moment that she was walking deeper and deeper in her dress on and some sandals. She started to swim to the canoe tied to a boy marked end of secure swimming area. 2-5 minutes spent there and sh jumped off and swam away from the beach still in her dress, but left her shoes in the canoe… Usual Ibiza beach walk gave us a thrill at that moment. We felt that something was wrong, but we could only watch, when suddenly one of the lifeguards, a girl, jumped into the water to follow her. She swam fast and catch up with the other one, but it was already very far. The sad eyes girl stopped for a moment, but wasn’t convinced to go back and carried on to swim away. The other lifeguards saw what’s going on and instantly jumped into a motorboat. Waves were very big, because day was windy and was difficult to push the motorboat away from the beach. They struggled for a while before could to go. We stood there like struck by the lightening and watching with strange feeling in our hearts… If only we asked why she was sad everything could have been different. The sad girl unwillingly get on board and they came back all together. Probably headed to some doctor right away.

I was there thinking why I didn’t pay attention to her at all when my friend noticed she was sad. I am sure if he were given a second chance he would have spoken to her. That’s the lesson.Try to notice people around you and if you’re able make someone happy don’t hesitate to do that. Your smile and a good word may change somebody’s life.