Summer 2019 – visiting friends in Ibiza & Albania

As human memory is very forgetful I think it is super cool to have a blog with some events from live written, so at a future day I can ready it and think to myself: have it really happened?

My friends were inviting me to visit them for a while, but I always had other things to do or no spare budget for trips. Finally I decided to visit my friend in Ibiza, but while looking for flight tickets I found a cheap connection to Albania as I showed it to my friend he straight away said: ‘buy it!’. It took me an hour to decide and I just bought it. Planning came later as it was 6 days to my trip & I still needed to buy flight ticket to Ibiza where connections from Poland are not so great.

One week in Albania visiting an old friend

My friend Albi is a tour guide in his country during summer, so he met me at the airport. It was great to see him. We had a delicious coffee. There are places in the world where they always have a delicious coffee. Why Poland is not one of them?

We drive to Durres where my friend has his beach house. Albania is a developing country, so the first thing which struck my attention was number of buildings in construction and a petrol station every 2km along a 30km long motorway connecting two cities.

I went to the beach, went for a few trips and tried as much local food as possible. The local special is white cheese and watermelons + some other local products. What I liked to eat the most was the seafood! I ordered it almost everyday in restaurants as it was delicious and fresh.

Wedding in Mazury, Poland

In the end of June one of my cousins called Joanna got married. I attended the wedding as many members of my family did too. It was a nice event. Joanna was a dancer in Kraszewo folklore dancing group, so she and her team did a special performance for guests. She met her husband in that group and now they got married. It’s a quite nice story.

I haven’t been in Poland for a long time and I haven’t seen many members of my family during that period of time, so we could catch up on things. I met Natalia there. She was a super sweet girl and we danced together and had a good time. I think she was there with her boyfriend, but she helped me to find myself in a Polish reality. Thank you Natalia!

After 2 weeks, what is about now, I came to visit my aunt and uncle. I did some sightseeing too and visited few surrounding cities. They have a lot of fields and forest in Poland and cities are quite small, but more and more tourists starts to arrive here.

I visited Olsztyn where they have a statue of Copernicus (there is one in Toruń too, which is another Polish city in the center of the country).

My aunt and uncle’s house is located few kilometres away from the city and surrounded by forest.

During my stay I tried super tasty cake in one of the restaurants. It had crunchy parts at the bottom and creamy at the top. The taste was of caramel. Super delicious! I’ve never tried something like that before.

Only the weather wasn’t spoiling me. There were days with a lot of rain and the temperature during the day was around 15 grades Celsius, so there was no time for sunbathing.

All in all I’m happy I came here and saw an other part of Poland. I had time to relax too and opportunity to breath the fresh air, but it’s coming time to head back and do some work, so tomorrow morning I will be departing. Nice short brake away from people, but I prefer big cities.

My breakfasts 🙂

Super spicy food which I prepared for my family. Their bodies got hot ?

And I saw my cousin sailing with this small boat.

Wedding and good moments in life

On Friday I went to a wedding of my friend. I haven’t been on a polish wedding for a very long time. I haven’t been a big fan of going to any kind of parties recently. I made this exception, because my very good friend from an university was getting married.

As I haven’t been living in Poland for many years I decided to attend the ceremony with a companion. I went there with Aleksandra who I met 2 weeks ago on Tinder. It was easier for me to go the wedding with someone who is accustomed to this kind of parties.

We went to the church wedding in Mordy and

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New Year 2019 & Last 6 months,Toruń, Poland

Hi. I’ve been living since August last year in Toruń. Why? I decided to run two companies in two different cities to gather new experience. It’s been a good time with many new challenges. I learned how to organize things better and that I need well trained and experienced workers, otherwise my knowledge is useless as I can’t be in two places at the same time. I’ve been enjoying my job and life so far, but with time more responsibilities will come and more expenses as well. I’ve decided to reorganize my companies. I will stop running the one in Toruń. I will keep it presence online as it is more oriented at online sales of goods and services, but the headquarters will be only one in Siedlce. This way it would be easier for me to make good decissions in a faster way. I am lacking of a intelligent cooperate. Moreover I’ll cut many expenses. I’ll have time for different activities.

I service PC computers, laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles and recently I do SEO & SEMfor some of my clients. Now I am creating a website for a local company offering cleaning services. Doing this kind of work, having a company in a one place is absolutely enough. Many people decide to fix their devices by delivering them to me by post anyway, so changing an address onone of my websites is an easy thing to do. The life should be easy 🙂 I would have more time for short trips to various places and to play computer games online. Mainly I play LoL.

I need to start to look for a person who will live in my rented room in Toruń. As well I will cease my rent of the shop space in the city centre. I plan that both of those things can take me up to 2 months. Changes take time.

I’ve started year 2019 with some new ideas in mind. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. I believe that life is not getting easier, it’s me who is getting better.

End of the 2017 thoughts, Poland

I wrote this some time ago, but I was cut off from my website, so I post it today. Just before my trip to Miami Beach. Happy reading 🙂

Once I read “you may forget what people said, but you will never forget how they made you feel”. I was watching a movie ‘Before we go” and after it finished to my mind came an idea of the most beautiful feeling in my life so far. I’m not sure why this one and I’m not sure if it’s realy or I was impacted by the story in the movie, but the feeling was unique one for sure. Continue reading “End of the 2017 thoughts, Poland”

Brad my matie, Ibiza, Spain

While living and working in Ibiza meeting new people is inevitable. All tourist and workers who decide to go to that magical island are going there to have fun and to enjoy parties and leisure time with amazing people around them. I again met some very different people, with different characters, from different parts of the world, with different ways of having fun. One of those people was my colleague Brad.

I’m writing about him, because he was a super nice person and I want to remember some summer stories with him 🙂 In Ibiza we were working in couples normally. In different days with different people normally or we could choose our partner and stick together as long as we wanted if we were having fun together. With Brad I was working a few times and at the beginning a team leader paired us because he thought that we would do well together – in his eyes I looked like a criminal and Brad like a sweet, good, innocent boy.

I remember the day that we met 2 Palestinian girls. One beautiful and the other a bit fat in a big glasses with weird banker’s character. We invited them to our bar where we recommended them some parties that they can do. It was Monday’s afternoon and they were going to leave on Wednesday’s evening, so they didn’t have much time in Ibiza. Finally they told us that they love boat parties and decided to take one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday. Four of us laughed and talked and at some point they said they won’t buy parties we agreed from us, because they stopped to trust us! I asked why and the banker one said that Brad seems too good and they don’t believe stories he tells. For the first time I’ve heard something like that! They wanted to leave but I told them to ask Brad questions is something is difficult to comprehend. In the meantime I called my team leader to bring some positive energy to the table and rebuild trust. It worked and they bought finally what they wanted.

The same week on Wednesday we met an engineer from Formula 1 team who was chilling with his girlfriend on the beach. While talking with them I received a whatsapp message from a Palestinian girl that she lost her banker friend last night in swag and she asked me to try to help her to find her. It was hilarious. We laughed a lot with Brad. That banker girl in big thick glasses nobody would had suspected he can get lost in the club and it really happened. It was 2pm already and they were going to leave at 7pm. Of course they needed to check out from the hotel when the one was still missing. In the end they flew out together like they came.

Brad was a very positive person like me. Moreover all girls liked him because he was tall and muscular. He was a joiner, but I called him ‘Zimmerman’ after some Germans introduced the word. 😀 I remember the day when he asked some girl whose skin was quite burnt: -Did you fall asleep?’ -why? -because you are very burnt.; and we decided to ask it to a black skinned person. hahaha. Good times 🙂

Final decisions in Ibiza 2017

This year I arrived to Ibiza in the end of July. To be there during the high season was absolutely enough for me. I had spent 2 summers already on that magical island. Doing some work on the beach and relaxing with an international crowd was the thing my body and mind needed. After many amazing experiences which I may describe later I decided to leave.

I wasn’t still sure what date to choose for my flight. I was sure that on Monday 4th of September I wanted to go to cocoon party in Amnesia as Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Hito, Ben Klock and Nastia were playing. Of course, partying is  always better with friends around.

Me and my colleagues started the day as usual with the meeting at 11:30am. We spoke with some potential customers and after that I went with my pal to have a nap in our favourite spot on the beach. During our chill time I wrote in the workers whatsapp group to my colleagues to send me their names if they need discounted guestlist for Cocoon party. Almost all of them answered, so I was very happy we would be able to party together 🙂 Answered as well my boss who wanted to have an inmiddiate meeting with me. Unfortunately at that point (actually 10 minutes later) my chill time was over. On the way back we spoke to some people and sold them a party package. My manager was fuming because was waiting for me for over an hour. lol 😀 When I arrived I had a personal meeting with him and the other big boss of the company. The first thing he asked me:

  • Do you want to work?

A question seemed ridiculous. “If I will want to stop I will let you know.” I said. They added I give bad energy to the team, which was only their point of view out of nowhere. Probably because I laughed from time  to time at their bossy comments. Anyway, that meeting assured me that I need to buy my flight ticket soon as I don’t want to work any longer for those people. Italian <vomit> and Iranian <aka mafia boss>. After I quit company I could  only stay in their apartment for 2 extra days. For any days longer the bosses needed to agree for me to stay and the rent daily rate was higher. I wanted to avoid that, so I was going to work, to party and finally quit my job on 10th of September.

I really enjoyed the cocoon party with all my mates. The Italian manager came as well with his girlfriend. I completely dont understand his approach. Once during the summer is beautiful to do a staff event. Memories of that day surely will stay with all of us forever!

I will remember Kyle who told me that I was dancing in the middle of the room under blue lamp which was constantly flashing at me. I will remember as well a sweet South American girl who went home with me and while in bed together she told me she can’t have an orgasm with a boy. That was rather shocking information. How can I go to sleep without making a girl come?! Situations like that I call ‘Ibiza life’. All in all good memories matters 🙂

yearly student carnival, Łódź, Poland

Now is time of Juwenalia (yearly student carnival) in various academic institutions in Poland. My friend Elian invited me to Łódź to celebrate it there. I went there on 19th of May till 21st of May.

Łódź is 4h away from Siedlce by train with a change in Warsaw Wschodnia. Elian met me in Łódź Fabryczna station and we went t eat something. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Albi decided to come from Wroclaw as well and joined us in the evening. We filled up a backpack with beers and went out to drink and laugh with people. There was a lot of international students from Ukraine, Spain, Nigeria, Albania, Andora, Brasil, etc. I was nicely surprised. Completely like not a Polish city. Cool! We went to some club and we were dancing and drinking on a party in front of some dormitory till dawn.

Next day we sleept looong. lol