El Clasico. Real Madrid – FC Barcelona 2015

El Clasico Logo of FC Barcelona
Logo of FC Barcelona

I’m now in Spain and it is not the first time I was able to feel an atmosphere associated with El Clasico, 2015 this time. Many people all around the world already know that football is tightly connected with life of ordinary people in Spain. Everyone’s hearts beat faster when they watch their local team playing, but there is this special event 2 times each year which is like clash of the titans. Two the best teams in Spain are playing with each other. This event may be perceived different by many: south vs north or Catalonia vs Spain. It is the match of stars, the most famous, the most expensive and the highest paid players in the world. El Clasico 2015 this November was watched by more than 400 mln people all around the world!

El Clasico 2015

This year both teams were full of great players. There are always big expectations when, so many famous and skilled people play against each other. This year however, it wasn’t so breath taking spectacle :/ Of course there were beautiful goals, but it was like Real Madrid tried to win with the Goliath and they really didn’t have much to say in that game. FC Barcelona has won 4:0 and we could watch goals of Andres Iniesta, Junior Neymar & Luis Suarez who scored two in the first El Clasico of this football season. More details about the game you can find for example on the BBC website. Do you know that Neymar is one of my two favourite players? I’ve been liking him since I lived in Brasil few years ago. On the other hand, Luiz Suarez is one of the most crazy ones, because he likes to bite other people, but he’s got skills and knows how to score goals.

To sum up, if you one day find yourselves in Spain while Real Madrid with Barcelona are playing, remember to cancel all plans which you may have already and just sit down in some pub and while eating delicious tapas & drinking something just enjoy the game or at least your food. Believe me, everyone around you would be doing the same! El Clasico is a feast in Spain.

Erasmus Friday party in Granada

Hello. Everything started during the week when I got to know about a small party being prepared in the flat of one of erasmus students. It was one of friends of Naya who was organizing. I liked the idea, so I instantly decided to go with her. It’s always good to from time to time go to a new place and meet some new people. Moreover drink somethning and try some new food. Although I didn’t know them I was sure that with Naya I’ll have a good time like always.

Erasmus Friday party

On Friday we bought some alcohol and in the evening we went to Naya’s friend who lives in our neighborhood, so we had a short and pleasant walk. On our arrival we were welcomed by few nice people who were already there, 90% of whom were Germans. The most shocking thing for me that evening was that they started to speak in very good Spanish with German accent! I’ve never before heard typical German person speaks Spanish. That sounded like a thing not to find in nature. I know that there are people who speak Spanish and German, but till now I always was meeting people who were learning both language since being an infant, so their mimic and sound were completely different. Anyway, nice to know how Spanish sounds in a German version. Anyway I Speak Spanish with Polish accent, which must sound funny too.
For erasmus Friday party we met in a flat of one of GermErasmus Friday partyan friends. We had a good time in the living room and balcony listening to some music and having some drinks. Some other people were cooking food. Erasmus Friday party special were burgers, however they were not typical, they were vegetarian burgers, so basically some vegetables mixed together with some flour to keep that together. Lettuce and tomato to add some flavour and sauce or some hummus on top. Worth to mention is carrot too. A good erasmus Friday party can’t lack of a delicious dessert! This time they prepared a big bowl of a fruit salad. Yummy!

Mostly German students were around, but as well a lot of French students arrived and 2 Spanish which made an evening very unusual for me, because for the first time I was surrounded, by that mix of people. German parties are not my style, but it was really nice to experience one.