Trip to Prague :) Have you ever been here?

Do you know the place called Wrocław? It’s about time to get to know a little about Prague. It’s a capitol city of Czech Republic. I had never been interested in visiting Eastern European countries, but recently I changed my point of view. Those countries are beautiful and definitely worth visiting. Moreover, nowadays it’s very easy and cheap to get everywhere if planned wisely.

This time I traveled from Warsaw with Ecolines. It was the first time I used this carrier and I was extremely satisfied. Good service, quite comfortable and extra small screen with some movies and music.

I arrived to Prague in the morning. The bus station called Florenc was somewhere nearby the old town, so I decided to go on foot to explore as much as possible of the place. I walked past the Old Town which was a very beautiful part of the city. The big square in the middle of which was a big statue and around big and very old buildings. Each of them stunning and unique, obviously old, but in good condition.

Walking in the straight line I arrived to the Vltava river. The river separating the city is something unusual for me, maybe because of that I love to admire bridges. Prague have got few of them where the most famous is the Charles bridge. When I look at any bridge I love to admire its original shape,  its enormous size. Bridges are a big achievement of humanity and is a very useful invention. It connects two banks of the river providing a safe and short passage.

I took my time to admire a castle on the other side, a big park, buildings and of course bridges. The sky was blue that day with the Sun shining from above. The perfect day to take some pictures.

As I was still with my luggage I headed to my hostel to drop it off there and meet my friends. We arrived to this city to go to the club to listen to the DJ Andrea Oliva, but about that later 😉

Me and my few friends who arrived from Wroclaw with BlaBlaCar met up at our hostel located about 10min walk from the centre. The perfect place to be. We had a room only for four of us. Unfortunately one of our friends decided to come late and booked his accommodation in a different place, which wasn’t an obstacle to have a great fun together.

After having some delicious local food in a nearby restaurant we decided to go for a walk. We were taking pictures and having laugh. On the Charles Bridge which I mentioned before was a lot of tourist enjoying a walk and taking photos. We were no different. I don’t remember how it happened, but probably because of our photographic passion, we met 3 Russian girls passing by. It would had been only a short encounter if not our Ukrainian friend who started to have a chat in Russian with them. This way they accompanied us on our walk through the hill and the park. Finally they arranged to smoke shisha together just before we go to the club. This way we went back to the hostel, had some rest and after 8pm we went to meet up with 3 ladies. They took us to some fancy Russian place, one of them studies here, so knows Prague very well. We had few cocktails and smoked a lot of shisha. This way I was unable to speak with them in Russian as my had was too dizzy, so I just enjoyed nice music. We headed to the club where we stayed till the morning. Actually Ukrainian friend left early, because didn’t like the music and one other friend was kidnapped by some girl, so left few hours before the end of the party. He missed some great music, but like we got to know later h had a good time too.

The funniest part of all that weekend in Prague was of course a love story. One Russian fell for one my friend and an Ukrainian boy was talking all the time with the other one. We agreed to go out with them on Sat night, the next night. ok. If they like each other why not. Unfortunately it wasn’t so sweet as it could be. The third Russian started to fancy the Ukrainian boy, so the second one girl suddenly went home in a bad mood as the boy changed his object of interest. When finally when everything was sweet and cheesy he showed his wedding ring?! to apologize?! I don’t understand that behaviour till that moment as the second Russian got upset, angry, or who knows what else and decided to go home, so finally we stayed in the club, enjoying great electronic house music until the end, after being part of unnecessary affair disappointment :/

Overall Prague left on us a very good impression. We’ve seen many beautiful places, we tried some local food – I liked the sweet dough which was round, big and empty inside. I bought it filled with nutella. I loved it! Next time I have an opportunity to eat it I would definitely buy it. Go to Prague people, discover the city and have fun with people around you. Just don’t break women hearts if you’re married. I don’t recommend that.

Racism in Poland, Warsaw and not only…

This weekend we went with friends to Warsaw to listen to Alan Fitzpatrick. He is a DJ and plays drumcode kind of music which we enjoy to listen to with my friends and one of them even loves it! The party was amazing. We had a quality time! I am so happy I could be there. As I have been living back in Poland for a few months it was for me an occasion to observe how does Polish people behave. It was the worst part of my overall weekend experience.

My friends are from different backgrounds and I always get on well with them as we are open minded people. I don’t judge people by just looking at them. What can I know about the other person by just looking at him/her?

At the entrance to the club I noticed there is going to be a lot of Polish people inside. Queue was quite long and almost each Polish person was pushing onto another instead of waiting patiently. The doorman needed to tell many times to not to squeeze at the door and take a step backward.

By the counter wasn’t possible to pay by card, so I paid an entrance for my friend from Congo. As I paid one of the bouncers must had seen me, because when I passed the counter and was entering the club he pulled me rough by my jacket to search me like he shouldn’t do. Short conversation in Polish looked like that:

I said: -‘I can unzip my jacket to make it easier for you.’ -‘What did you say?’ -‘I will unzip my jacket, ok?’

He just touched my front pockets and let me go without saying anything. I think he didn’t realize I’m from Poland and I’ll be able to talk with him.

That was just a small incident. The other one which for a long time will stay in my memory is what had happened in the morning. We were walking to an after party in the city center of Warsaw when suddenly one of the passers by walk onto my friend from Congo. When I realized what had just happened they almost started to fight which I avoided by holding them aside. What the Polish guy said next was something which I would have never expected… -‘Poland is my country and all foreigners should walk out of my way!’

Where all those dumb people are coming from? This one was lucky, but the next one will have more painful lesson for messing up with my friends. Wake up Polish people! You are not the centre of the Universe!

Trip to Wroclaw, Poland

Hey. In February Ryanair was doing big discounts on some flights, so I decided to go somewhere for a weekend. One of my good friends study in Wroclaw and I promised to visit him, then the choice was very easy for me. Trip to Wroclaw was the next thing to do in my itinerary.

I found a return ticket for 4 euro, but as I delayed with the purchase one day, it went up to 7 euro. Still a great deal, so I bought it. There’s no often an opportunity to visit other cities, so it’s good to grab a chance when it’s available and this time it was a definitely good idea.

I arrived on Friday morning, so I had some rest after the travel and we went to the city. I was going to sleep in a dormitory of my friend on Friday night, on Saturday night we were going to have a crazy night out and on Sunday we were going to sleep in a dormitory again.

On Friday night we decided to go out for a beer with some other friends to have some fun. We met some other people and some girl started to like my friend and next thing we were in a disco club. It was fun, however the music was quite old. I mean like 10 years old, but with friend was fun. Finally one of the girls liked my friend, so she invited us to her house. Her friend gave us even BIGOS, a traditional Polish food. We needed that, it was very tasty. Finally all of us went to sleep tipsy and tired. We woke up about midnight and it was time to come back to dormitory. oh LOL, I’ve just paid for the stay for a night that I wasn’t here. On Sat I won’t make the same mistake!

Saturday night we spent all evening smoking and drinking and later we went to a disco club with techno music. They were closing at 5am, so we met some people which showed us an other place which shut at 7am or even later… We stayed only till 6:30am. Too tired. A lot of fun!

Sunday I spent sleeping  almost all day, but in the afternoon I managed to do some sightseeing. About 11pm the next party begun as some students arrived to our room. We drunk a little, laughed and listened to the music.

Finally at 2pm was the time of departure, so I left the dormitory and headed for my plane to the airport. I went straight to work happy that I had such an amazing time in Wroclaw. The next trip we planned was to Prague 🙂